The path to a happy life


TAO (道) means the path, the way, the key

Our horses and coaches guide you on your path...

The path to motivation & self-confidence...

The way to success...

The key to happiness!


Happy, motivated people perform better. Together we develop your organization into a thriving work space. Where people are happy to be there. Where everyone finds its own work-life balance. Where teams are communicating well and understand one another. Where talents are discovered and developed. Where the organisational structure is enhanced. Where everyone wants the success of the company. Where everyone is happy, self-assured and balanced. A company where there is trust, respect and healthy boundaries.


  •     Equicoaching: coaching of teams and individuals using the mirroring and leadership capacities of horses and the power of the herd.

  •     Team cohesion, through unique teambuildings or

             in-company programmes

  •     In-company training

  •     Personal development

  •     Communication improvement

  •     Burnout prevention

  •     Mindfulness and/or yoga at work

The TAO Method

In-depth introspection for great external results

Our method consists in re-connecting human beings to themselves, to their senses and intuition.

We start at the roots: what are your strenghts? How to reinforce them? How to turn weaknesses into new strengths, grow your self-confidence and leadership skills? Discover who you really are, what drives you, what your talents are, what makes you happy.

The result is that a happy person is motivated, loves his or her job and goes the extra mile without 'losing energy' (read: without having a burn-out). A happy person also knows when to let go or when to stop. Learns to listen to his or her gut feeling and to the signals the body is giving.

Everything you feel on the inside is reflected on the outside. With the help of the horses, the inside is mirrored back to you. Which helps you detect where your points of growth are.

Working with the horses on your skills, means integrating change processes immediately. This means, you are able to implement these changes immediately after a session in your daily (professional) life.

Are you interested in an individual approach? Interested in workshops and coaching outside your company? Check out our services tailored to individuals: www.satsanga.be

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